Virus, Malware and Other Threats

We can keep these guys from ruining your day

In 2016, almost 125 million malware variants were ‘in the wild’ – which provides too many opportunities to:

  • Make mistakes
  • Get an infection
  • Have to pay a ransom
  • Lose all of your data

And with threats like ransomware, ghostware, two-faced malware and others, that number is sure to increase.  Juris Fabrilis has multiple protection plans that can help keep you and your equipment safe.  The products and services that we use, together with our experience, can keep you working safely.

The main way attacks are still delivered is through social engineering.  A simple email, a USB drive, an untrained employee – all of these situations can cause too many problems for your computers and network systems.  Juris Fabrilis has developed hours of training materials specifically for attorneys and the situations that they face everyday.  For more information about our training programs, call us today!

We are experts in the detection and removal of Virus, spyware and other malware from your affected Laptop / Personal Computers.  Computer acting weird?  Call Us!

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