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Juris Fabrilis is an IT MSP (managed service provider), specifically serving law firms, attorneys and other legal organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. Our technicians are professional, courteous and experienced. Juris Fabrilis has specialized in law firm IT since 2009 and we have positioned ourselves to be a ‘go-to’ resources for lawyers in the area.  Juris Fabrilis provides IT systems administration, network security services and technology consulting services for our customers so they can focus on their business instead of their technology.

Selecting an MSP to manage your IT portfolio can seem overwhelming and we can make that decision easier.  There are several ways MSPs can help your firm, such as lowering its technology cost through economies of scale, improving technology service delivery, providing experienced technicians, scaling solutions up and down to meet your firms needs, and keeping emerging technologies in reach of deployment.

Juris Fabrilis continues to push technology forward in a market that is traditionally slow to adopt by developing excellent solutions, training programs and building long-standing relationships with our clients.  Our service methodology is rooted in long-term, professional relationships and providing fast and thorough technical support to our customers. We work hard to maintain a partnership-type of relationship with our clients by keeping the lines of communication open, listening and providing excellent customer service.  Our philosophy just works.  Give us a shot, you’ll be glad you did.

Support, Cybersecurity & Consulting for Lawyers

Since 2009

Excellent Service

Highly experienced IT service technicians that can help you right away… seriously, we will treat you right. No Bull.

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Our technicians are ready to help over the phone or on site. Our pros can help you solve your problems quickly.

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Our technicians are the best in the business. You won’t find a better, more professional service organization in the Metroplex.

Securitas = Data Security

We have been closely monitoring the American Bar Association and the State Bar of Texas commentary on Cyber for the last year or two.   Between the ABA and SBOT, Cybersecurity is at the forefront of many discussions, including a specific section in the ABA Tech Report that outlines incident awareness, incident planning and even Cyber-Insurance.

In the 2019 ABA Tech Report, ABA states “The 2019 Survey results show that, while some progress has been made in some areas, law firms have further to go to in designing and implementing appropriate solutions.“ In December 2020, the Texas Bar Journal published an entire magazine based on cybersecurity, remote access, and fraud- all items based in technology.  They have even gone so far as to tell you what you need to do to prevent breaches, minimize your risk and to protect your data.

But what they did not tell you was how to do it.  That is where we come in…

Juris Fabrilis has developed a new security-centric service package called ‘Securitas’.  Latin for security, Securitas encompasses a wide array of security related products and services built to meet the demands of legal services professionals.  We’ve put together a package that addresses multi-factor authentication, inbound and outbound filters, anti-spoofing measures, endpoint detection and response (EDR) and many other items to help your firm answer cyber-security questionnaires from insurance providers and clients alike.  Contact us for more details about this very important program.

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With close to 15 years in business, we have learned the unique challenges law firms face and we go the extra mile to deliver reliable, secure, and scalable IT Services.

Tech Support for Lawyers Specialists

Fast, expert technical services.

Computer Systems Administration

We offer fully comprehensive Systems Administration for your network needs. Our Plan B computer systems administration program puts your systems in the hands of professional administrators. New users, permissions and maintenance issues will be a thing of the past.

Internet and Network Services

The technology industry boasts a 99.9% up-time standard, which is approximately 45 minutes of downtime per month. Attorneys cannot afford major outages or downtime in critical situations. Contact Juris Fabrilis today and make sure your network can support your business.

Computer Sales & Service

The support technicians at Juris Fabrilis have more than 50 years experience supporting computer and information systems. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot your hardware, software or printing problem quickly and repair your equipment on the same day (in most cases).


Our network cabling and structured wiring team is one of the best in town.  If you need 1 drop or 1000, we can develop a project plan and manage the installation from beginning to end.  Professional service and great pricing equal excellent results for your installation.

What our clients say

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We are centrally located in Bedford, Texas.

Consulting Services

Make a plan and have the discipline to execute the plan.

Our experience with law firms and other legal services entities, our experience with the legal-centric software used by many and our depth of knowledge with office technology is unparalleled. Our superior knowledge makes Juris Fabrilis’ technology consulting an invaluable asset to any attorney, law firm or organization.

We know it is important to our clients to get a return on their investment, which makes it important to us, also. In some cases, Juris Fabrilis has been able to save huge amounts of money by guiding our clients to deploy the right solution, the first time.