When people are getting divorced, they will generally fight over the house, the kids, the silverware.  But they also will have to fight over shared computers and data.

Do you have a plan to help your client with this issue?

There are clearly many things to consider.  Who owns the equipment?  Do they have separate email accounts?  Are they on the same profile?

Even if the answers seem pretty straightforward, it is certainly worth a look.

In situations where large assets are at stake, the division of information (especially how it is divided) could be a big indication on additional information that is being kept away from the other party.  With older couples, we have seen numerous situations where the male absolutely controls the female, with respect to data and information.  Even after their divorces are complete, the woman generally has to start from scratch with a new email account, new social media accounts, etc…  Most of them don’t even know their own passwords.

So, make a plan.  Ask your clients what their data situation is – you’ll be glad you did.

Until next time,

Juris Fabrilis