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Computer systems administration requires a System Administrator (sometimes referred to as a SysAdmin). A Systems Administrator is a person who is responsible for the configuration, maintenance and reliable operation of computer systems, especially multi-user computers such as servers and their multi-user software applications. Additionally, Systems Administrators are generally charged with maintenance and planning and responding to service outages and other various problems. Training end-users, keeping permissions and file systems in order, and data and network security are big parts of computer systems administration.

Fast resolutions to issues are a key characteristic of quality System Administrators.  Down time can keep Attorneys and staff from performing their duties.

Our Plan B computer systems administration program puts your systems in the hands of professional administrators.  No more guessing, no more hassles.  Juris Fabrilis can provide your firm with the Computer System Administration support that you need.  Since we provide on-demand support services in conjunction with our systems monitoring, your computer system is covered.

Juris Fabrilis provides computer systems administration for the following:

  • Server Setup and Support
  • Offsite Backup
  • Managed Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware
  • Remote Patch Management
  • Network Discovery
  • Network Remote Access Management
  • Equipment and Data Security Management

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