Local Network Service and Support

Keep your office connected, inside and out, to the rest of the world.

Is network reliability a major problem for you?  Does your Internet service constantly seem slow and unavailable?  Do your clients need WiFi and end up on your local, private network?  We can help.

The Juris Fabrilis network technicians provide professional, reliable and timely service and will solve the networking problems in your location.  Our technicians are experienced professionals with years of troubleshooting and implementation experience.  The technology industry boasts a 99.9% up-time standard, approximately 45 minutes of downtime per month.  If your network outage exceeds that, then you aren’t receiving the network service you paid for.  Attorneys cannot afford downtime in critical situations.  Contact Juris Fabrilis today and make sure your network can support your business.

Network Relocation & Consulting

You name it, we’ve done it. Our vendor contact list is deep – take advantage of it!

If you are relocating your existing business and just don’t know what to do about your IT and Internet services, we can help – even before you get started.  Our network and internet consultants can save you huge amounts of time and money by utilizing our partner channels and getting the right set up for your business, before you move.

During a business relocation, there are too many things for owners and principles to think about without having to worry over bandwidth issues, provider limitations or who the phone guy is going to be.  Juris Fabrilis can solve all of these issues – before they even start.

Need Network Help?

Contact us for help with your Internet Service Provider and Local Network issues.
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