Technology Consulting

IT and technology consulting for attorneys is something we take very seriously.  Over the years, Juris Fabrilis has developed solutions for attorneys and law firms in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Our experience with law firms and other legal services entities, our experience with the legal-centric software used by many and our depth of knowledge with office technology is unparalleled.  Our superior knowledge makes Juris Fabrilis’ technology consulting an invaluable asset to any attorney, law firm or organization.

We know it is important to our clients to get a return on their investment, which makes it important to us, also.  In some cases, Juris Fabrilis has been able to save huge amounts of money by guiding our clients to deploy the right solution, the first time.

Our Technology Partners and Services

Juris Fabrilis has partnered with a number of the leading OEMs in technology equipment, software and services – which allows us to put together solutions that work for prices that are amazing.

We offer technology consulting services for the following:

  • Internet Service Provider – including project management, services research and implementation.  We have direct access to our contacts with some of the biggest providers in the area.
  • Voice – including traditional onsite PBX systems, hosted Voice-Over-IP, onsite VoIP.  Our contacts in the industry can get great pricing for great products.
  • Hardware – research and purchasing.  We put together hardware solutions with our OEMs that will work for your firm.  Best-in-class hardware is available through our channels.
  • Software – Most clients only utilize about 30% of the systems they have implemented.  Juris Fabrilis can extend that percentage or get you into a better solution that really works for YOU.
  • Managed Services – project management and implementation.  We can develop a managed services solution for your firm that includes backup, anti-virus/malware threat detection and prevention, disk encryption and just about every other feature available today.  Get the information you need and make better decisions with Juris Fabrilis.

To get Juris Fabrilis on your team, and to start making technology work for you instead of against you, contact us today.