Network Cabling and Structured Wiring

Our experts provide end-to-end network wiring solutions!

Our network cabling and structured wiring team is one of the best in town.  If you need 1 drop or 1000, we can develop a project plan and manage the installation from A to Z.  Professional service and great pricing equal the best results.

Supporting critical systems and being able to quickly and cost-efficiently adapt to emerging technologies are critical functions of a well-built IT network infrastructure.  Simply stated, the structured wiring installation is the backbone of a robust and adaptable system.

Juris Fabrilis, Inc. can complete your voice, data, and wireless LAN projects based on reliable, high-quality, standards-based cabling and network infrastructure methods. Whether implementing a new or upgraded LAN or WLAN, or rolling out a new technology, having a scalable network which can accommodate bandwidth needs and easily integrates the latest technologies helps your business stay competitive, while reducing overall infrastructure costs.

Our experts provide end-to-end network wiring solutions and our work is done with minimal disruption, completed on time and within budget.



Network Cabling and Expansion Adds

From office expansion to rolling out new technologies,  your company may have to consider a cable rewiring project. A cable rewiring or addition project must be approached with thought and precision, to avoid service disruptions and to lay the foundation for scalable growth.  Our rewiring and network expansion services are designed to ensure no data – or data access – will be lost during any physical move, systems upgrade, or wiring retrofit.  We will survey, design, and install the best solution for your firm, quickly and effectively.

Internet Service Provider Liasion

Our consultants are ready to help you with the most difficult task in IT.

By definition, a liaison is ‘communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations’.  Juris Fabrilis offers liaison services for clients that are looking to make an Internet Service Provider change.

Many times, Internet Service Providers speak a language that is unto themselves.  Most folks really don’t understand what the terminology means, and more importantly, what it takes to get the ISP roll our completed in as timely a fashion as possible.  That is where we come in.

Juris Fabrilis has completed numerous ISP migrations for law firms and attorneys throughout the area.  We have extensive contacts with just about every provider there is, so if you need to make an ISP change, but don’t know where to start… call us.

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